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    xwin programming

    im looking at programming in xwindows, can anyone point me to a tutorial
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    QT is nice..

    There are other ways to do X Windows program, but Qt is probably one of the easier ways.

    There is also GTK+, which is C-based (Qt is C++)

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    Qt is superior in my opinion, but it has some f'd up licensing. GTK+ is a mess comparitavely, but it's totally free on all platforms.

    I prefer GTK+, but I'm not sure if it has C++ language bindings. The book I'm reading is just using C.

    As far as I understand, GDK encompases Xlib like a wrapper, and the actual GTK+ toolkit (or widget set) is an object oriented class library used for building windows. There is also another library called Glib that supports GTK+ and GDK. It contains algorithms and datatypes.

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