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    internet connection

    i moved to america 2 weeks ago the problem is i tried several internet providers like aol and they do not support linux i have been using linux for 3 years when i was in turkey i can connect any provider i want but in america i cant does any one know a provider that you connect using linux?

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    i believe optimum online allows you, with a cable modem, to connect using linux, alhtough i have never actually tried for myself.

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    i know for a fact aol won't support linux. (got a tech. support e-mail a year or two ago.) whether or not other isp's support linux depends on your modem: you need something that's not a winmodem.

    non-analog-modem connections like DSL or cable are much more supported in linux. most cable and dsl connections use ethernet cards, and ethernet cards are very standard.

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    Try a local ISP. Most local ISPs don't have you run any platfrom specific software, and as long as you can figure out how to configure your modem/software dialer, than you shouldn't have any platform specific issues.

    FYI, when ISPs say that they don't support Linux, they usually mean that they won't provide technical support for Linux, but if you want to try getting it running on your own, you're more than welcome to do so.

    Hope this helps,


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