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    Learning Linux

    Lets get some threads going in here...

    Well I have Mandrake 8.1 on my computer, but just havent found the time to learn how to use it as my only operating system. Are there any good websites that will assist me in learning how to use it, or is the best approach, just to sit and mess around?

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    I'm reading an oreilly book on basic operating of Linux and a book on GTK+. My Linux Mandrake 8.2 installation has tons of bookmarks to the best Linux websites. There are a lot of online books as well.

    < >
    That's where I'm going to learn about windows programming in Gnome.

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    NO no NO no!!!
    Thats not how you learn unix at all
    set one goal at a time like creating a file or something
    then ask how to do it on IRC
    or whatever
    I learned 99.9999999% of Linux on

    from screwing with their wargames server

    here is what ya do
    create a new user IE
    # adduser test
    # passwd test
    or something
    logoff/logout/exit (depending on whatever)

    Login test
    Passwd: dadda


    to get ya started
    man [command] is the LOOKUP of the command
    type the following in aid
    $ cat /usr/bin > bin1; cat /bin >>bin1;
    $ pico bin1

    this should give you a a list of commands to lookup and screw with

    notation signs
    % <-- anyuser shell
    # <-- root user shell (BACKAWAY FROM ROOT)
    $ <-- normal user shell

    look for patterns and similarities start writing programs
    and if you want to learn linux like a pro.

    delete X-Windows right away. X-Windows is like a tool for manipulating linux whats the point of having it do everythign if you want to learn how to do it?
    anyone can point and drag, how many can
    $ mv $HOME /dev/null
    btw: DONT DO THAT
    and DONT DO $ rm / -rf
    #linux to get your started
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    But there really isn't a bad way to learn... I learned linus while working at a summer camp in Vermont. I would read a whole bunch of chapters of Running Linux (O'Reilly) during the week, and when I had some time off on the weekends, I would finagle my way into getting to use one of the office computers for a few hours, and then booting up tomsrtbt, as well as a couple other floppy disk distros whos names I can't remember, and playing around.

    Later on, when I got back to the world, I installed RedHat 5.2 (ah, back in the day) on my main machine, and went through the sometimes painful process of reading HOWTO's ( has a whole bunch), FAQs, man pages, bugging people I knew, and on IRC to find out how to get things configured properly. Linux in a Nutshell (O'Reilly) was indespensible during those first few months, but I haven't actually used it for actual moving around through the OS in a while.

    So... the best way to learn Linux depends more on you than on what anyone else did. My way involved a handy mix of just about every method available (including classes at my university), but it can certainly be done on a budget; there is virtually an infinite amount of free linux documentation out there, and if you ask nicely on IRC or usenet you will probably find a few folks willing to help you.

    By the way, you WILL be wanting X-windows. Why? Because reading HOWTOs (when you finally get it hooked up to the internet, that is) in console just plain sucks. Think of X-Windows as a way to keep multiple terminal windows all open at once, so you can use one for reading documents, and another for trying out the commands. It is an invaluable tool, and once you master the command line, you will find that using a windows manager is slower than molasses in January in comparison. Just remember that the command line is your friend, and you should take every opportunity to do anything you can think of on it instead of using something GUI until you have mastered working without graphical features.

    Happy Hacking!


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