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Thread: RedHat or ManDark... ?

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    I too perfer slackware

    Redhat in general still focuses more on the corporate desktop and server market.

    Mandrake's targets the home & corporate desktop market.

    Personally I tend to recomend Mandrake to most people first getting into linux. Though it's not my personal preference, I think they do a good job with their distro.

    I'm not totally against redhat, but I perfer Mandrake over them.

    Slackware is my overall favorite, because it's kept simple. Packages are carefuly selected, it doesn't have the bloat of most major distributions. It doesn't start near as many services by default. And it is not a RPM based distribution, I got really sick of the whole rpm thing. I like doing things by hand, and in linux you have a lot more control that way.

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    Originally posted by DarkViper

    but it thought it was RED HAT not RED HATE. it cant be a spelling mistake cuz you have done it over three times!

    its Red Hat Linux. and ManDrake Linux.i never heard of Red Hate Linux
    There's no such thing as ManDrake either... It's Mandrake...

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    Originally posted by DOlson
    There's no such thing as ManDrake either... It's Mandrake...
    uhhh, you spelled it the same way, wtf? ManDrake - Mandrake...

    full comparrison check, they are both spelled the same, so wtf?
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    Capitalized "d" is wrong... Doesn't take a genius to see that.
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