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    Unhappy adding library checks in


    I tried to modify the "configure.scan" to include the check for QT
    libraries (qt-mt). I included LIBS="-lqt-mt" in the
    I also tried adding "myprogname_LDADDS= "-lqt-mt" (am not sure if it
    is correct).

    I now have the configure and the Makefile scripts generated from But am unable to include the required library check
    in "configure" or in the build process of Make.

    For sample work I downloaded Mosfet's Liquid Theme to read the
    similar sample, what he has adds is some KDE macros which does not
    seems to work for me. If i try to add them it gives me error

    please can anyone give me some example for the same


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    If you can't figure it out, I doubt that the rest of us can. I can compile an application with gcc that uses QT libraries, but it was set up in the distribution. I have not altered any configuration files. Certain environmental variables have to be set, but that's probably not what you are looking for.

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