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    Linux Overall

    is Linux hard to work around b/c i'll be making a game for the ps2 soon and i wanna know how the working enviroment is like. Is it a GUI like windows.

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    yes and no...

    if you're really developing a ps2 game, understanding and programming in linux should be no sweat.

    linux can be run with a gui or without. it's really personal preference.

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    You can look around the Net at some screenshots, if you like.

    Here are some of mine:

    This one is my wife's desktop:

    These are not mine, but look cool:

    That's a couple of GUIs (KDE and Blackbox, maybe a Gnome desktop in there too), and there are many more you can choose from, just depends on what you want.

    Alternately, the console is cool too, but I don't use text-only mode, except mostly on my server. I just open up console windows (sorta like an MS-DOS prompt in Windows) and use those a lot.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    I prefer KDE myselft, I really dislike Gnome. That Icewm isn't bad if you want a windows feel.

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    Linux overall is quite stable. It doesn't experience a total crash (unless messing around with some multimedia when you don't know what you are doing). It's the most stable OS that I have ever used.

    Each OS is different, and one great strengh of Linux is that it is an Open Source fantasy island for C implementors.

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