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    Dear Sir,

    I am new to LINUX. So iam asking these below doubts.

    1) How to run a simple java program under LINUX o.s (ie How to compile, and how to see the out) from command prompt.

    2) How can we see the contents of floppy and C.D drive contents from command prompt?

    3) How can we change LILO.conf File in LINUX

    4) How can we create boot floppy creation in linux

    5) How can we add a user from root from the command prompt?

    Please show me the solution.


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    1) You will need to download J2EE from the sun website, and use it to compile, and run your java programs.

    2) depending on what Linux Distro you use, you might or might not need to mount your drives.

    In the command prompt, or Shell:

    i) mkdir /mnt/floppy
    ii) mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

    iii) mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    iv) mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom

    P.S. --> The above assume that your floppy is /dev/fd0 && cdrom is /dev/hdc

    Now you can just do a :

    i) cd /mnt/cdrom or /mnt/floppy

    to change to your floppy and Cdrom drives.

    3) well it depends on what editor you have installed

    i) su -
    ii) put in the root password
    iii) vi /etc/lilo.conf OR pico /etc/lilo.conf

    depending on what editor you have installed.

    4) you will need to use the dd command if I remember correctly

    do a:

    man dd

    to check out the manual page for it.

    5) I think the command was

    useradd <username>

    do a:

    man useradd ---> to get all the options you can use with it
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    to see contents of other drives, you need to mount them first. Check out man mount, especially the "-t" option for more info, and see what is described in your /etc/fstabd file.

    After mounting them, you view their contents with ls, just like anything else.


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    you can also download the Blackdown JDK. Itīs a linux optimized version of the Sun JDK.

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    you can download java from
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    most of the new Linux distros have java support on the CD's. Something like gcc-java or gcc3.0-java

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    >>most of the new Linux distros have java support on the CD's. Something like gcc-java or gcc3.0-java<<

    which is a non-standard piece of garbage It's awfully slow too. The newest SDK and JRE (1.4.x) from Sun have been the most impressive to's simple to install...just read the the README file.

    $javac // compiles into java class
    $java foo // executes the vm and your program

    About the boot floppy...I would read you distrobution's documentation. Most of the decent ones come with a utility that will handle it for you safely. I would use that, instead of messing around with the 'dd' command, which can ruin everything if it is used carelessly (or if you're me)...

    About adding users...some distrobutions come with a utility called 'adduser', which is more interative than the 'useradd' command. It's much simpler to use. Again, it depends on your distro.

    and make sure you 'unmount' your drive before you remove the media else your data might be corrupted.

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