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    big *LINUX* Q

    how can i obtain Linux on my comp without disk partioning? (i know ab DemoLinux ...but is that the best choice or are there other types that are just as easy... or should i just partion my comp ... so many Qs, 1 little lappie(laptop)

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    It is possible to use Linux under FAT partitions. For example, Red Hat provides this kind of installation option. But don't come later and say: "Linux sux!! Windows's better blah blah!!!" because it won't be as stable and as superior as it would be under its own partition. Additionally, it may be much slower under FAT. UMSDOS Linux distros are also quite terrible. I cannot say anything about DemoLinux while I haven't used it. But for learning purposes, it could be great. Just try it!

    If you want to make the partitions, GNU Parted is a good tool for this. I have used it successfully many times to resize, move and create partitions and filesystems.
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    You could try WinLinux if you dont want to create a partition. it is good for learning but its too simple. not much programs come with it. i would recommend you to make a partition and install linux on it. for me the easiest way to make a partition is using PowerQuest Partition Magic Pro. it creates a special partition for linux OS. then install a good linux on it. i recommend you ReHat Linux. its free for download and it is very stable.

    find RedHat linux here

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    Might as well pick up a second hard drive.

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