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    open source

    listen, if all software was open source and free, all of us developers would be without a job! most of us have families, who needs that money! i agree that companies like microsoft charge way to much for their software, but still, open source is great i agree, but i think its over rated in some cases, if windows, for example was free, hundreds of people would loose their jobs, etc.

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    >>hundreds of people would loose their jobs<< Well currently at MS there is 50000 people working...They will hire 5000 more this year....If they lost windows I think it would be a tinny little bit more then "a couple of hundreds" that would loose there job. Other then that your statement is a moot(sp) point

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    There are people who get paid to develop free software. It's just a really hard position to get into.
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    some point
    its the same thing with pirating software, people, pirate software becuase they cant afford, or doesnt want to pay for software right?

    well, if all software was always pirated, then still everyone would loose there jobs, but i still think that the sofware monopolies charge way to much for there software, i think a good solution would be something like $5 a month, for up to around 30 software products, one license, i wouldnt mind to pay that much a month? would u?

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    1). Hire developers to create applications and such; make money with servicing & support for your software.

    2). Accept generous donations.

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    Originally posted by chris
    1). Hire developers to create applications and such; make money with servicing & support for your software.

    2). Accept generous donations.
    1) what about us people who think our product is perfect the way it is, and really dont want to train our employees that dont want to be trained in the "newer" or "better" software

    2) most of the people i have come close with, really was open about their personal donation "ethics",

    (but i hear that Bloodshed Dev C++, works on donations, i dont know how they do that! lol, its a great piece of software though)

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    you linux is a free software but big companies like red hat linux mandrake stiil earn to much money if windows was free no one lose their job think about it
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    I do not totally agree on that. Lets say Microsoft release the source code of win95 to the market (Open but not necessarily free) with no string attached. A group of programmers can easily create a new better os (win compatible). Already more jobs have been created. Microsoft will have to code better and hence this will create competitions. Users will be able to buy which ever is on the market. So, Open source can create more jobs (with good business strategy) and better software

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    most places where yuo find open source stuff proablly has ads and the catch is that yoyu go there, the ad popups THEY GET MONEY. thats how the net works now, freeware, get popups turn distrubiting freeware into getting money.
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    >most places where yuo find open source stuff proablly has ads

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    Most software companies do not make their true money on the sale of their products - they make it on their support of their products.

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