Thread: Sound Card in Mandrake8.2

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    Sound Card in Mandrake8.2

    Hi, I am having trouble with my onboard soundcard. I doesn't work in RH7.2 or Mandrake8.2. I got rid of RH7.2 so that doesn't matter anymore, in Mandy I get this error after rebooting.

    Sound Server Informational Message

    Error while initializing the sound driver:
    can't set requested samplingrate (requested rate 44100, got rate 0)

    The sound server will continue, using the null output device
    Any ideas on how to fix this? any help will be appreciated


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    What sound hardware do you have on your motherboard? It probably isn't supported. You might try different sample rates, but that will degrade sound performance. Your best bet is the Sourceforge web site. That's where I got the driver for my mx300 sound card.

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