Hello all,
i am a student working on a project, i have to add the flag in PAX( POSIX file archive like tar) to read files form the sockets. well to be more precise this software has to run on a ChorusOS imbaded system and PAX is used for system updates. when we send a file on a certain port then it should be unpacked in some folder on the system. I have downloaded the pax source and have been browsing throught it for a long time and found out the the socket should start to listen when pax inits, this is where it reads the options and returns to the main function.
So here is where my problem starts.
-how to get the sockfd equal to filefd, if i do that the file wanishes in a black hole never to be seen.
i am making a socket initalise at this point and listen to a port (1024), please help me, what am i doing wrong. and sorry for such a ling mail i am writing for the first time to any board.
thanks in advance