Thread: misc.c:3210: invalid operands to binary +

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    misc.c:3210: invalid operands to binary +

    Well.... This error is occuring under my linux box, and if anyone has ever tried to compile SWRIP code, they know what I'm talking about...

    /* Delete the $~ from the end of the file */
    fgetpos(fp, &pos);
    pos += -2; /*This is where there error is! Line 3210 */
    fsetpos(fp, &pos);
    fprintf(fp, "%s~\n",name);
    fprintf(fp, "$~");
    return 1;
    Again, the error is "invalid operands to binary +"

    So what do I do?!?!

    If need be I'll post the file here for you to look at.

    "pos" is an instance of "fpos_t"... "fpos_t" must be in the one of the includer files, because it's not defined anywhere in this code I have...

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    pos += -2; // ????

    pos -= 2;

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    You've assumed fpos_t is an integral type, and in your implementation it isn't

    It should be in stdio.h (I think)

    Perhaps fseek would be better

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