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    Question problems using xxxxx.h functions

    I'm new to linux and c or c++, but i have been using programing languages in the past. Mainly hi level compilers (games). I mainly do this as a hobby. Lately I've decided to use linux (great, I love it) and c++ to program my games. C seems OK to program in (still need to understand OOP better to use C++). But I've run into this problem: Where can I find information on using the function libraries, more specifically I need to now the commands relevant to these libs ie: put_pixel(x,y) printf() or whatever.


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    this is probably not the answer you want to hear, but the guaranteed way of finding the documentation on your system is to look at the library file itself to see what it does. They tend to be fairly well commented.

    Another valid option is a google search on the library you want to work with, sometimes you can even find the website where the library originated and get their documentation. You could also shell out the money for a nice, big, hefty unix programmer's manual.


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    See man pages on 'nm' command. This command will list down all the modules in a library.

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    tyr man g++
    or man (what ever compiler u are using)

    or take a look at your ide s help pages
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