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    Question stderr quicky question

    For example when I am directing a program's output to a file and then I look to that file I will be able to see the exact output that was redirected from stout to this file... Now if a program spits the output to this file and spits out a strerr error, how can I redirect that strerr so it doesn't print on the screen and yet I can check it out also...
    for example
    prog A spits its output to a file AA
    prog B spits its output to a file BB and spits out an error message on the screen...
    if [ cmp AA solution_file ]; and if correct, i.e. no stderr screen-print I can handle it easily, that is I consider it CORRECT...but

    if [ cmp BB solution_file ]; I need to distinguish somehow that this comparison of files is in fact (physically) correct but it additionally generates a stderr message (that I need to hide from the screen) and I need to handle this BB as WRONG
    How do I redirect stderr, and how can I check for it? Any help is greatly appreciated...
    Thank you

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    For example, when I start my X server, I redirect the messages and error messages to a file called ~/xauth/xlog:

    startx >~/xauth/xlog 2>&1 &

    2> redirects from error stream
    &1 means the last mentioned place to output.

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