Thread: Mandrake + Graphical Interface

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    Mandrake + Graphical Interface

    This is more of a linuz based question, rather than a linux programming question, but I hope someone can help. When I log onto linux, it doesnt go directly into the graphical interface. Is there any way to access it from the command line?


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    Type startx.

    If the GUI isn't working, it's likely something is messed up though, and startx is likely to fail .
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    on redhat (not sure bout Mandrake)
    it is in the inittab


    it specifies how the system should boot up, now for mine i have it on
    3 for Multiuser mode
    but u want it on 5 to start X11 by default.

    IF you want X11 to start up by default for Linux
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    as root,

    $./sbin/telinit 5

    This will set the run level to 5 in /etc/inittab
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