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    Question Bad File number?

    Alright, as some of you know, I downloaded Cygwin to compile Unix code under windows.

    I have a MUD(Multi User Demension/Dungeon) that I am writing. I have a nice shell that allows player connection, and character creation. It compiled 100% fine under the Linux server I WAS using. Now I downloaded Cygwin, and I have a slight problem.

    It compiles fine, with no errors. However, when I run the program it logs an error in the log files, and then shuts down.

    Heres the error I got:
    *Wed May 29 15:04:50 2002: mux select(): Bad file number*

    And Heres the Code that uses that:
    int max_files;
    	if ((max_files = getdtablesize()) == -1) {
    		log_to_file(LOG_ERRNO, "getdtablesize()");
    	is_running = TRUE;
    	while (is_running) {
    		FD_SET(control, &input_sfd);
    		for (con = first_con; con != NULL; con = con->next) {
    			FD_SET(con->sd, &input_sfd);
    			FD_SET(con->sd, &output_sfd);
    			FD_SET(con->sd, &exception_sfd);
    		if (select(max_files, &input_sfd, &output_sfd, &exception_sfd, &tv_zero) == -1) {
    			log_to_file(LOG_ERRNO, "mux select()");
    Some of that may be irrelevent... but you can see the 'mux select()' part. I figured bad file number means that it can't log the error number? I'm not sure. And I've no clue why it would be messing up. I'm not a genius at sockets, and I followed a unix tutorial and fumbled my way through creating the basic MUD engine, but it works fine. Well, it used to. Nothing has changed sense I compiled on the server. does anyone have a clue to why it is not working? Or point me in a general direction?


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    Sorry! I enetered my password wrong on the above post. Just wanted you all to know who was posting. -g-

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    When using cygwin, there is a file in cywins' home directory something like "cygwing1.dll" or to that effect. this file has to be copied to the directory the executable is in.

    I don't know if this is causing it cause I have no idea on MUD, except the stuff you played with when your a kid, and made pies out of.

    Hope I helped.


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    It doesn't have a problem running the actual executable. Once the program runs, it goes into a loop and keeps checking each connection.

    Thats where the problem comes in on the if statment of select().

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    I can simulate this problem if I pass a file descriptor to select that is already closed.

    Are you sure you are removing dead entries from the con list?
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