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    other C++ compilers

    are there any other c++ compilers availible for linux? i know there has to be...gcc3 is horribly slow...

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    gcc 2.9.5?

    gcc 3.1 is supposedly faster than 3.0.* in both compilation time and program speed, and faster in program speed than 2.9.*.

    There is also the Intel compiler for Linux, availible here.
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    yeah i just upgraded from 2.95.3 about two weeks ago, and i'm wishing i didn't. i choose to upgrade because i heard 3.1 fixed the problems of 3.0.x, and was more standards (C++) compliant. maybe it did speed things up a bit, but its noticeably slower than 2.95.3 and VC++ on the same projects...Thanks for the link. i'll check it out.

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