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    I have some source code to a MUD Game I was writing under a linux server(which I used a client, telnet, to connect to and compile the code). I edited the code under windows, and then compiled under linux. however, I no longer use that server and wish to work on the code locally on my windows machine - but the sockets were programmed for linux/unix. So is there an emulator, or some sort of compiler that would compile it into a windows program? Or is it possible to get a linux compiler that would run under windows, or more likely a linux emulator that could run a linux compiler to compile the source, and run the program? I plan to eventually get a linux machine, but that is a ways from now.

    Any help is most appreciated.

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    Since you've got the source yourself, I'd recommend cygwin.
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    Cygwin is good, I use it a lot.

    Also, if you want two split your Windows workstation, try
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    Well, I was hoping to avoid Cygwin... but if I must, I guess I will. I'll just leave it up and downloading all night(I've downloaded it three times in the past. -g-)

    Anyhow, thank you for your help. I'll look into both of them.

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