Thread: unix command for grouping....

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    Unhappy unix command for grouping....

    I have this type of output which has been previously sorted for example,

    A 1
    A 2
    A 3
    A 1
    B 2
    B 3
    C 2

    But now i want to remove the A, B, & C using cut but separate the groups so i will still be able to identify the numbers that belong to each letter for example a line to separate each group....

    is there some command to do this or some method???

    thanks in advance

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    not command line... if so then it would look UGLY like
    grep "pattern" | cut "patter"; cp ...;... ... | ...;...
    really long...
    Perl would be the best way to go about it.
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    We'll have to advertise the awk filter!
    (I just replied to similar question)

    awk '{if(NR>1 && x!=$1) print ""; print $2; x=$1}' groupfile

    is this what you want?


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