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    ok, i am trying to figure out how to use structs with file i/o. i am not quite sure if i am going in the right direction. i am writing a program that records any user defined files, their modify time, access time, and size. i decided to use a struct like:

    typedef struct FRec //Do i even need typedef?
    char *iofilename;
    char *ioaccesstime;
    char *iomodsize;
    char *iosize;

    i can already get the info into the struct but i am having trouble writing it to a file. also reading from a file. my file format consists of:

    access time
    modify time
    could someone help a downed C programmer?

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    Like so
    fprintf( fp, "%s\n", Rec1.iofilename );
    Same sort of idea if you're using binary files and fwrite - you have to write what each pointer points to, not the pointer itself.

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