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    C++ class reference

    Is there a C++ standatd class reference somewere in the net? in several forums the people tell me that just in books and you got to pay for them, but i think that must be something for there.
    I'm looking for a pdf or something I can download and print with all tha stardar C++ clases and functions and where are they located (the .h files).


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    A good ole' Google search will give you anything you need to know.

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    WROX distributed a free tutorial and explanation with every MSVC++ 6.0 boxed edition (aka standard)

    I bought Wrox's C++: The Complete Language which has a list of all the functions, the prototypes, brief use and example and the header files that they require. AND some extra refrence to common uses for them in terms of actual applications people commonly use them in.
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