Thread: header files (.h) and dinamic linked librarys

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    Question header files (.h) and dinamic linked librarys

    Is there some convention or rule to know what library I need link with my program when I'm unig a header file? or better, is there some relationship between headers files and dinamic librarys, that let me know what libs I should to use?


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    Not that I know of.... after a while you just learn them and don't really need an easy way to know when to include and link what.

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    shared libraries (aka so's for shared objects)
    contain precompiled data and function information like
    headerfiles have the written out form of the data but it needs to be grabbed from a file then compiled.
    Neither are better than one another because they all have different purposes.
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    If you are asking for C then ..
    You can check the ANSI standard header files.
    Such as

    15 or 17 files... for C

    If you are asking for Linux..
    You have to check for different packages.. for different features.
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