Thread: Handling 64-bit pointer into 32-bit pointer of two different processes

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    Lightbulb Handling 64-bit pointer into 32-bit pointer of two different processes

    Hi Friends,

    I am working on an application ('C' language, 'Linux' platform) which has two processes running together. One process which is 64-bit returns a void pointer of 8 bytes which another process of 32-bit has to get and use it. 32-bit process is expecting 32-bit void pointer. When the address of 64-bit is copied to 32-bit, the system crashes.

    Please let me know how can 32-bit void pointer can handle 64-bit void pointer returned by another process. Please share code in 'C' language on Linux platform if possible.


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    Why are you sharing pointers?

    What are the pointers pointing at?

    Can't you use something more reliable, like say a Unix socket, for sharing data between two different architectures?
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