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  • Mandrake

    10 23.26%
  • RedHat

    14 32.56%
  • SuSe

    7 16.28%
  • Slackware

    5 11.63%
  • Debian GNU/Linux

    4 9.30%
  • Something is missed....

    3 6.98%

Thread: Linux OS's

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    well you know what, DON'T TRUST MY OPINION
    I have never used slackware only RedHat and Mandrake
    I am (of course) going to chose RedHat especially since I am an RHCE.
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    >I am (of course) going to chose RedHat especially since I am an RHCE.

    I don't believe you.
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    Well, my answer is that your average RH7 box set costs less than $40. I don't know how much Windows costs, but I'm sure that a full version is well over $200. And that doesn't even come with a compiler, or a web server, or a good word processor, or a spread sheet, or..., or..., well, you get my point. The other nice thing is that a boxed set comes with a nice little instruction book that tells you how to install Linux. And that there's usually some kind of tech support and priority FTP download that you get if you buy the box set. """

    this is from
    I just got WindowsXP for a little over 100 dollars, where do they get off saying it costs twice that??? It came with everything listed except for a compiler which I had to buy seperately. What compiler does Linux come with???

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    you must have purchased the XP home upgrade, right? if you did, linux upgrades are free...

    it comes with the Gnu Compiler Collection or GCC for short....

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    I'm giving Debian GNU/Linux version 2.2rev6 a try on an old "nonproduction machine" (as Microsoft would put it ) without an Internet connection, sound, printer, or any sort of network connection. After the initial misunderstandings, Linux and I are starting to get along; and, maybe, I will eventually put it on my main, currently Windows XP-based computer.

    For not paying a penny for it, Debian GNU/Linux is pretty good and, after I learn fully how to use it, may even be better than Windows!

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    I chose Slackware as it is DEFINITELY the best distribution in that list.

    Recently I have discovered "Sorcerer GNU Linux", however, and I must say it is one of the best distros I have ever used. It's such a joy to use.

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    I just recently installed Red Hat 7.3 and I like it. I have never tried any of the other distributions but I'm thinking of throwing on a 40 GB Hard Drive, so that I can add more OS's to the boot loader list. I'm currently running RH and Win2k.

    I didn't know that Linux was this good. I can't say that I hate MS Windows however and I intend to become proficient with .net, but I now want to learn to program in Qt and GTK. I think that in the long run the Linux OS will be a better system because I won't be as limited by what I can do with it, however to totally abandon MS Windows would also be a mistake because of their dominance.

    I had no problem installing Linux or even configuring my mail with KMail (KDE). I have to admit, this OS is a lot of fun. I want to discover all of the programs, there are way more choices than MS Windows, for example there are at leat 3 - 4 web browsers. I also have 2 desktops (KDE and GNOME).

    I simply downloaded the .iso image files and burned them onto CD with adaptec cd creator. I had to burn them as image files which is a special option, but they worked.

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    trollking give slackware 8.1 a try for a real treat

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    Arrow SuSE is best

    IMO is SuSE the best dist., but the ISO images are not available for download right away. So I use Mandrake, but I *prefer* SuSE (technically).
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