Thread: How to access a PCIe device's BAR from user space?

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    How to access a PCIe device's BAR from user space?

    I have a PCIe device and I read its BAR through setpci. Now suppose I want to access this address space.
    To my best understanding, this address space is a physical address space, and thus can not be accessed through user-space processes (having the ability to read/write from/to virtual addresses).
    Is there an easy way in which I can read/write from/to a device's BAR?
    Either by using a tool or by writing a simple C program.


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    This link may be of use to you:
    Access physical memory in Linux | FalsinSoft
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    I really don't think that any user application will be allowed to WRITE into PCI address space.
    If you want to do so, then you have to add IOCTL functionalities in the particular device's driver.

    Meanwhile I guess lspci(8) will help you out READING PCI BAR details for you:
    lspci(8): all PCI devices - Linux man page
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