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    typedef question

    The man page for the get password entry refers to the 'passwd' struct. I observe that this struct has to typedefs uid_t and gid_t.

    How do i cross reference this typedef on my linux host? In other words , how would i find out whether uid_t may be signed int or a long?

      struct passwd {
                   char   *pw_name;       /* username */
                   char   *pw_passwd;     /* user password */
                   uid_t   pw_uid;        /* user ID */
                   gid_t   pw_gid;        /* group ID */
                   char   *pw_gecos;      /* user information */
                   char   *pw_dir;        /* home directory */
                   char   *pw_shell;      /* shell program */

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    Have a look at the file "/usr/include/bits/typesizes.h", if you have it. It should have the definitions. If not, you can always use the good ol' "sizeof()".
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