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    i asked MS

    i asked this question on an online interview with a guy from MS.
    given Apache and GNU's hold on the large network platform market, what is MS's position on GNU.
    his answer was all i expected it would be, about 5 words.

    the interview was oncpp-home

    look at the last question in the most recent interview.

    BTW sorry about the vauge link, i couldn't figure out how to put a link directly to the interview page:>(


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    Good interview, itld. I can't blame Rudi for not answering the question, as MS policy doesn't seem to be in his job description. I certainly wouldn't want to try and explain the policy of the corporation I work for :)

    Also, a direct link to the interview is right here.
    Jason Deckard

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    howdy Deckard,
    thanks for fixing the link .

    i imagine he would have a lot of questions to answer if his answer was not in line with the corporate policy, even if he didn't agree.


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