Thread: Really need help for this C shell script

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    Really need help for this C shell script

    a script must :

    dis play time
    display current directory
    count all none hidden files
    and count directories

    must execute in any directory, and one dierectory only.

    I write like this.. but it does not work. Try hard to fix but no clue. Need help!! just a homework project for beginner...

    if ($#argv ==0 ) then
    set dir ="."
    set dir = $argv[1]
    if $1argv != 0 ) then
    echo you must point to a directory "
    echo Type "csh prog -h" for help
    set "csh prog -h" = $argv2
    if ($2argv == 0 ) then
    echo specific directory for the program to execute such as : csh prog /billshare
    echo *****end help***********
    echo - n Date to day is\:
    set d = `date`
    echo $d[2] $d[3] $d[6]
    echo -n Current dir\:
    echo display non hidden flies\:
    ls $dir
    echo count all file in current directory\:
    ls $dir |wc -l
    echo Count the directories\:
    ls -l $dir|grep -c ^d
    end if

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    Just see whether this solves your problem


    date | cut -d ' ' -f 4
    echo $PWD
    echo "Number Of directories"
    ls -l| grep -c ^d
    echo "The list of Files"
    ls -l| grep -v ^d

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