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    Question compile question

    hi, i have just started to learn c, here is my problem (its not really a problem) when i write my code in gedit save the file as hello.c for instance i then go to terminal and type cc hello.c this works but i get a_out (again not an issue) so i type cc -o hello hello.c now i get the desired hello executable so my question is this,

    can i add an alias to my terminal session to make cc hello.c preform the same as cc -o hello hello.c ?

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    Just search for "alias" and do a bit of reading.
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    If you create Makefile in the same directory,
    CC      := gcc
    CFLAGS  := -W -Wall -O2
    LD      := $(CC)
    LDFLAGS :=
    PROGS   := hello
    .PHONY: all clean run
    all: clean run
    	rm -f $(PROGS)
    %: %.c
    	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $^ $(LDFLAGS) -o $@
    run: hello
    	@echo Running ./hello:
    you only need to type make to compile and run your program. Just note that when you create the above file, the indentation must be a TAB character, not spaces.

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