Thread: How do you create Directory sturctures?

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    Red face How do you create Directory sturctures?

    A book that i bought is saying to use mkdir and touch to create a directory called "Unix1b" within my home directory with the structure at the following

    `-- Unix1
        |-- admin
        |-- street
        |   |-- annex
        |   |-- building1
        |   `-- parking
        |-- faculty
        |-- history.exe
        |-- markham
        |   |-- outline.doc
        |   |-- programming
        |   |   `-- systems.pdf
        |   `-- security
        |-- course
        |   |-- gen_ed
        |   `-- lib_arts
        |       |-- english.txt
        |       `-- match.doc
        `-- mall
            |-- cafeteria
            |-- library
            `-- security
                |-- annex
                |-- building
                `-- parking
    i did "mkdir -p Unix1b/Unix1"
    then i did" cd Unix1"
    username@matrix:~/Unix1> mkdir street
    username@matrix:~/Unix1> mkdir admin
    username@matrix:~/Unix1> cd street
    username@matrix:~/Unix1/street> touch annex
    username@matrix:~/Unix1/street> touch building1
    now here is my question, what should i do for the for the parking in street directory.... what does that " `-- parking " mean?

    am i even doing this right?
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    why when i "tree Unix1b"
    " `-- Unix1 " doesn't show up
    instead " |-- Unix1 " shows up
    the same thing with parking

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    okay guy never mind...i managed to fix it. but can any one please tell me what that green folder "history.exe" is?
    is it a directory? why is it green?
    when I use mkdir , it turns out blue
    what can i do to turn it into green?

    thanks in advance

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    All the "|--" stuff is just ASCII art for the picture, nothing more (I guess you figured that out).

    Well the name suggests that it is executable.

    To mark a file as executable, do
    chmod u+x history.exe
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