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    GUI in UNIX

    hi just a quick question,
    i am currently developing a program and have hit a road block.
    i would like for the program to have the simplest of graphical user interfaces , all it needs to do is print some lines off.
    However my program will be tested on a unix compiler (g++), so i am not sure how to go about it . I have heard of items such as MFC but i am not sure if i should ( as it will be compiled on g++) or how to use them.
    im not asking for source code but some pointers on what approach i should take would be much appreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    MFC (Micorsoft Foundation Classes) are one way of programming applications in Windows. Since you've posted in the Linux forum, I'll assume that is not what you want ;)

    The X and Motif APIs are common ways of writing GUI apps in Linux, as is GTK. KDE is also fairly developer-friendly, from what I can tell.
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    QT is suppose to be close to MFC from what I've heard. KDE apps many times use QT. I've been learning GTK and I think it's pretty good. It's familiar because I did some GUI stuff last summer with PERL/TK. Plus, GTK has a Windows port so you can do cross-platform programming. QT allows this too, but the Windows version requires licensing. The Motif/xt/xlib APIs I think are probably a little too low level for what you want to do. I'd go with GTK or QT (checking out GTK first ).
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