Thread: _dl_runtime_resolve,_dl_lookup_symbol_x ,dl_new_hash functionality doubt

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    _dl_runtime_resolve,_dl_lookup_symbol_x ,dl_new_hash functionality doubt

    i am using a static library which is actually calling application constructor. I am building the application with this library statically. this library is having many calls to the inbuilt function like memcpy, strcpy etc. when application calls strcpy memcpy etc the time taken by my library is more. it is worse in the case of strcpy. strcpy if it is having a defnition in my library or if it is not having a defnition in my library if i am compiling with the library and application statically the time taken is more. when i checked in the GDB when a strcpy call is comming first time in the application it calls these functions and these functions will give the function address for strcpy. if i am giving a static string inside the strcpy funtion, then this functions will resolve it into memcpy and calls memcpy. my doubht is like when i am linking with my library actually these functions will some how give my function address to the application. so inorder to increase the speed i am thinking is there any posibility to configure these function so that it finds my library fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josymadamana View Post
    if i am giving a static string inside the strcpy funtion, then this functions will resolve it into memcpy and calls memcpy.
    That kind of optimisation is only possible when the function is inlined at the point of call. It cannot be done across a module boundary, so you are barking up the wrong tree with your line of thinking.
    Forget trying to make these individual calls faster from the static lib, and instead think about reducing the number of inter-module calls.

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    thanks a million for ur HELPFUL information... thats what i can say... i need to fix this some how. so i had posted in multiple forum. sorry for the inconvenience caused...

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