Thread: Looking for a Virtual Machine with this capability...

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    Looking for a Virtual Machine with this capability...


    I run ubuntu and am looking to test a program using my computer and a virtual one.. The main thing i'm looking to test is the socket and how it works is computer to computer connection basically, no client side server involoved. Is their a Virtual machine that is reconmended to test such a program? Or some Envrionment?

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    Copied from synaptic package manager
    run the daily Ubuntu ISO in a virtual machine (GTK Front-end)

    Testdrive helps you download and run the daily Ubuntu development ISO
    in a virtual machine on your local hardware.

    It is strongly recommended that you have a CPU with VT and sufficient
    memory on your system to host virtual machines. In this case, testdrive
    will use KVM to host your virtual machines.

    Alternatively, you can use VirtualBox.

    This package contains the PyGTK Front-end for TestDrive.
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