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    This may seem simple but i cant figure it out:
    I want to be able to pass a single argument to my program and i can do this, i can also get it to print to stdout but when i try to use an 'if' statment with argv[1] it just goes to my else even if it matches with the if.
    an example similar to my basic prog:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    cout<<argv[1]<<endl; //this prints out "foo"
    //assuming i used arg "foo"

    if(argc !=2)
    return 0;

    else if(argv[1] == "foo")
    return 0;

    cout<<"no argument\n"; //this is what prints
    //even if i use "foo"
    //as an argument
    return 0;
    sorry if this seems too basic but i am getting a headache trying to figure it out. What am i doing incorrectly?


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    Re: arguments

    Originally posted by mungyun
    This may seem simple but i cant figure it out:
    else if(argv[1] == "foo")
    When you want to compare strings, use strcmp or strncmp (man pages available for both). Your 'else if' should be:
    else if ( strcmp(argv[1], "foo") == 0 )
    Hope that helps,
    Jason Deckard

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