Thread: network packet retransmission

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    network packet retransmission

    I have a scenario where multiple clients connect to a TCP server. When any of the clients sends a packet to the server, the server is supposed to have a retransmission timer and keep sending that packet to another server until it receives a reply. How do I go about setting up this retransmission mechanism? I'm doing this on Linux in C.

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    Show us the code you have, or the ideas you intend to implement?

    You've basically just said: "I want to write a search engine. How can I do this?" or some equivalent.

    Your first reply should really answer the question: "Have you made a piece of code that accepts TCP clients, or that can send a single packet?". If the answer's no, maybe you should try to walk before you run...

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    It would be nice to know a bit more of this. What's the purpose here? TCP itself is a protocol taking care of retransmissions if needed.

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