Thread: regarding .DEFAULT in makefile

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    regarding .DEFAULT in makefile

    .PHONY: mkdirs
    mkdirs: work_mkdir www_mkdir
    @echo "santhosh..........i am in .PHONY: mkdirs"

    .PHONY: work_mkdir
    @echo "santhosh.........i am in .PHONY: work_mkdir"
    @mkdir -p $(WORK_DIR)

    .PHONY: www_clean www_mkdir
    @echo "santhosh...........i am in .PHONY: www_clean www_mkdir"
    @mkdir -p www$(C_TOOL)
    @rm -f .www$(C_TOOL) www$(C_TOOL)/*.*

    .PHONY: www
    ifeq ($(filter USE_BUILT_IN_WEB_FILES,$(DEFINES)),)
    @echo "santhosh.........i am in .PHONY: wwww"
    www: www_mkdir $(ALL_WWW_FILES)

    @echo "santhosh .............i am in default"
    lftp -c "debug 10; open -u admin,PASS $<; rm -r -f /http; mkdir /http/config; mput -O /http/config www$(C_TOOL)/*;"

    This is my common_linux.make file the issue is build the project using make command the .default part is execting as per my project the default condition should be not executed.please share ur thoughts regarding the default.

    santhosh bau

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    .PHONY and .DEFAULT are not rules, they are built-in variables to specify rules.

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