Thread: writing a client program - socket programming Linux

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    writing a client program - socket programming Linux

    Hi all, I am trying to write a client side program through socket programming. My question is that how can I specify port for my client. Suppose I want to use port number 5454 for the TCP connection to connect to a server listening at any port. How can I do that ? waiting in anticipation

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    Perhaps start with the "beej" tutorials.
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    thanks for reply. I was a little confused, now I think I got the thing. I am now binding the port at the client side just like we bind the port at the server side. I think it is the right approach

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    No, you don't bind() the client socket at all. You use connect() and specify the server address there.
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    You can take the port number as a CLA. So for the server:

    int portno = atoi(argv[1]); //use atoi to convert the 2nd CLA to an int. atoi means, ascii to integer.
    serv_addr.sin_port = htons(portno); //serv_addr is a variable of the struct, sockaddr_in.
                                                       //sin port is a field inside of the struct of type unsigned short. 
                                                       //you must use htonl(host to network long). Its converts host byte order to network byte order.
    Now you can specify the portno on the command line as the 2nd arg.

    Same applies to the client.

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