Thread: Obtain path in a variable

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    Obtain path in a variable


    I'm programing a C gnu/linux program and I need to execute this command:

    " find /home/javi/ -name "dmtcp_restart" | grep dmtcp/bin/dmtcp_restart"

    when the command has been executed I need to assing the output of the command to a array char variable.

    What linux instructions could be used for obtain this??


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    You have two choices:

    1) The simplest way would be to just use popen() to get the output of the find (not the grep), then parse that for what you are looking for in the grep. However, that is sort of hackish, depends on the existence of "find", and will probably not be as efficient.

    2) The other way is to use readdir() etc. recursively and do the work of "find" yourself. That is a bit more work, unfortunately.
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