Thread: How to communicate between two processes

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    Yes, in that select really shouldn't be in the struct in the first place, since it's not part of the actual address book data. Pass an int. (In this case, "pass" means "put in the first part of shared memory" I would guess. Hooray for re-developing the idea of a stack!)

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    I did not get it. How to put it in the first part of shared memory.

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    The shared memory is just a big chunk of memory both processes can write to, like a piece of paper shared between two people. Both people need to know what is on each line of the paper. You start by putting select on "the first line", or right at the beginning of the block of shared memory. Your array a will start on "the second line". In your code, shared_memory, which is the value returned by shmat(), is the starting address of your block of shared memory. For example:
    memcpy(shared_memory, &select, sizeof(select));  // store select at the beginning of shared_memory
    memcpy(shared_memory + sizeof(select), a, sizeof(a));  // store a at the first spot after select

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    @tabstop and @anduril462. Thank you guys. Now my doubt is cleared.

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