Thread: need for an image saving code (e.g. BMP)

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    need for an image saving code (e.g. BMP)

    Hello everyone

    I have an urgent need for a code that saves an image data to a file readable by any image viewer. I assume a simple format would be BMP but there are probably others, too. The reason that I'm asking here is that probably some of you might have a code that does it and would like to share it with me. I'm compiling and running the program on a computer where I can't install anything, so any installable library wouldn't be the answer. The images would be pretty "ordinary" I guess, 24 bit with no alpha channel.

    I haven't found it by googling. Thank you very much if any of you can do this simple favor.

    Let me just add that this is not a homework assignment or anything like that (like I said, any commonly readable 24 bit format is good) but my personal project. However, it would make it a lot easier if someone could point me to a right place where I can find this part of it ready (because saving an image is an old trick). I also understand there are people who don't want to give away things that one can make by himself.
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    You mean googling "BMP source code" didn't show anything useful?
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    Alright, I didn't try that one, and when I did, there was one code that worked with very little modification. Thanks Salem!

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