Thread: syslogd source code

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    syslogd source code

    Where/How do i get syslogd source code ?


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    I dunno, the whole idea of an open source OS is that you should be able to get the source code.

    Maybe even
    syslogd source code - Google Search
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    "Syslog" is just a unix or BSD derived concept/protocol. So there are various historical implimentations of syslogd around. Most current linux distros do not use or offer it as a binary. After tiring of some problems with rsyslog (the newer system logger now used most places, I think), I recently starting using this one:

    Infodrom Projects -- sysklogd

    via. gentoo. It seems to work fine. The package is actually two daemons, syslogd and klogd (hence "sysklogd" I guess). If you look in the source tarball, you will find a syslog.c and syslogd.c. I'd also guess this is the implimentation used generally on linux before it was (perhaps prematurely) "depreciated". Have fun.
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