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    find in system()

    I have a system() call with a find statement in it but i don't want the results printed.

    I know that -print is automatic unless you specify -ok.

    when i do i get errors --->>
    find: 0652-018 An expression term lacks a required parameter.

    system("find . -type d -name \"savedir\" -ok ")

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    make sure that you are adding the header file #include <stdlib.h> <-- this file is needed to run system commandz

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    The problem lies with your use of the -ok switch (-ok requires an argument). The -ok switch will execute another application, just like -exec, but will prompt the user before each execution.

    If you do not want the results of find to be sent to stdout, redirect them:
    system( "find . -type d -name \"savedir\" > /dev/null" );
    Also, the quotation marks around savedir are not necessary, so the following is also valid:
    system( "find . -type d -name savedir > /dev/null" );
    Jason Deckard

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