Thread: Help needed for Eclipse in FreeBSD 8.1

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    Help needed for Eclipse in FreeBSD 8.1

    Dear friends,
    I have installed FreeBSD 8.1 and Gnome on top of it. Then I installed Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse SDK Version: 3.4.2 Build id: M20090211-1700-3) and java runs on it without any problem. Then I installed the CDT plugin. Now I can't compile C programs. If I try to build the project, I get

    "make all
    make: don't know how to make all. Stop"

    message. If I try to RUN it, then I get the message "Lauch failed. Binary not found".

    How can this be fixed in FreeBSD? Some people have suggested "gmake" in the "build command" of "Project->properites->C/C++ build->Builder Settings". This does not work.

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    Did you create a new C project from within eclipse, or did you import some source code from an existing project? IIRC, if you create the project from within eclipse it automagically handles all the makefile stuff. But if you imported an existing project it may have its own build procedure.

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    Hello Perspective,
    I did not try to import anything. I just wanted to make a "Hello World" project. Please give me directions. I have seen in different forums that, this is a problem in FreeBSD. But I couldn't find any solutions.

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    Please help...........

    Again... in the website:

    Old Nabble - freebsd-eclipse - Error : Launch failed no binaries

    I found the following:

    "Eclipse defaults expect make(1) to be GNU make and this assumption is
    what is causing this to fail (you can probably see make(1)'s error text
    in the console window). The default make(1) in FreeBSD is not GNU make
    nor compatible for any non-trivial makefile.

    You need to adjust your make settings which can be found in
    Window.Preferences.C/C++.Make.New Make Projects via the workbench menu
    (assuming 3.2.1, but iirc it has been there for a while). If you use the
    defaults and wish to use GNU make just change the "Build command" to
    "gmake". Make sure that you have gmake (devel/make in ports) installed.
    gmake will usually be installed as a build dependency automatically if
    you build a port that needs it (ie most of them), otherwise install it
    directly from package or ports).

    Alternatively you can use the adjacent tab in the preferences pane to
    adjust the style of makefile eclipse uses to "posix make", and you make
    need to set include directories. Disclaimer: I never tried this as I
    prefer to maintain my own makefiles. The style setting only affect
    projects where Eclipse is managing the makefile, otherwise it just uses
    whatever make command you have specified to build.

    You can override all of these settings on a per project basis as well in
    project properties.

    David "

    ------------------ But gmake does not work (it is installed in FreeBSD)!!!!----------------
    Also I couldn't find a way to do the "posix make" thing in Eclipse Ganymede.
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