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    Program to keyboard

    I've started to try and make a program to interact with a web browser's text box that would take out one step of a previously designed program.

    This previously designed program, designed in c++, would output Pi to a text file, and I could then copy the numbers generated elsewhere. Would it be possible to shorten this set of steps and output directly to a text box in whatever's currently open?

    This isn't anything I have any reason to release and is just a learning experience, so it doesn't have to look pretty. If I would need to create something in another language and execute it, that's okay, but if it can be done directly in C or C++, that would obviously be a lot nicer to code (well, assuming it's standard library).


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    This program (source available) allows a command line program to interact with the X clipboard. So you could reduce quite easily the effort you need to perform to being just ctrl-v

    As for the final step, I don't know.
    Perhaps digging through the above source code will give you some ideas as to what APIs are worth reading up on.
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