Thread: need sudo priviledges in c program

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    need sudo priviledges in c program

    Dear all,

    I need to do mount/umount operations in my c program. But my program can only be run under normal user. However, the user who run my program have sudo priviledges to do mount/umount operations. How can i apply the sudo privileges in the mount(2) system call? Please help.

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    I thought programs were run, by default, under the privileges of the person initiating them. Just a casual Linux user here, however.

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    You can't.

    Add 'your program' to the users sudo list, hence giving him/her the possibility to sudo your program (check man visudo, or the documentation of your distributions sudo implementation).

    If you use a distribution that hasn't disabled the UID bit, you can use that. You set root as owner of 'your program' and set the UID bit. Which make the program run under the owners identity always. (Doesn't work with scripts, though.) If security is important, this is not an option.
    $ chown root your_program
    $ chmod +s your_program

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    Let me preface this by saying that unless you're an actual expert in security, mucking around with things that grant root access is likely to create a security bug. But anyway...

    Rather than instituting permissions hacks, implement a mount server that runs as root and is responsible for doing the mount/umount. Your user level program would talk to the server and make mount/umount requests. Some basic authentication between your program and the mount server wouldn't be a bad idea. You could implement this authentication quite easily by using a named pipe or UNIX socket to talk to the server -- the pipe or socket would be accessible only by root and the user who is authorized to use the program.

    That way, if your user program is compromised, it doesn't have full-blown root control over the system. The mount server is a simple component that's easier to get right, security-wise.

    EDIT: I'm probably reinventing the wheel here. There's gotta be something out there already which does this.
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