Thread: taking up linux programming for uni. need help!

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    taking up linux programming for uni. need help!

    Linux programming is a core subject for my uni. I am very new to programming, hence im studying C in the holidays in order to make the subject a bit easier. So far I've covered the basics of C i.e. loops, arrays and variables.

    Given below is the unit content. If anyone has experience in the following topics, could they advise me on what C topics I should be familar with before approaching this subject

    Introduction, review of the C programming language
    Functions, scopes, lifetime and data structures in C 
    Error Propagation & handling 
    Interface with the operating system, system calls 
    Unix file systems and directories 
    Unix devices and I/O
    Terminal systems and control signals 
    curses and video games 
    Processes and Programs
    Shell Programming 
    I/O redirection and Pipes
    Semaphores and shared memory
    more detailed

    • nature of "systems programming"; requirements of a systems programming
    • applications of the concepts of functions, scope, lifetimes and data abstraction in
    the specific case of C; support for object oriented principles and a brief digression
    into C++ to examine the class construct;
    • error propagation and handling in C;
    • interface with the operating system: general properties and style of system calls;
    operating system structures, and how they can be accessed;
    • systems administration functions; shell programming;
    • concepts and formalisms of concurrent programming; realisation via UNIX system
    • interprocess communication; synchronous and asynchronous message passing;
    shared memory; mutual exclusion; interrupts and signals and application to
    operating principles of UNIX daemons and of client-server structures in general;
    • program development tools: "make"; C preprocessor, and how these contribute to
    sound software engineering.
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    Read the book,

    "Unix Systems Programming" UNIX Systems Programming: Communication, Concurrency and Threads (0076092012177): Kay A. Robbins, Steve Robbins: Books

    As for what C topics? They are mostly Unix specific. So start with a book that is system related such as the one I posted.

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