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    Question Code coverage tools?

    Hi guys. I've searched the site, as well as the net, and spent about 6 hours of the company's time doing it :-) I figured I'd go ahead and ask the question.

    I need some advice on what tools are available for Linux and C for the following:

    -Code coverage analysis (like Insight for unix)
    -Memory leak analysis
    -Performance analysis

    So far I've found nothing unless it's related to Java. We're porting C code from Unix to Linux, and are in need of these tools. If any of you can post any suggestions, or email me with suggestions, I really would appreciate it.

    Thank you

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    you should try the following tools:

    gcov - coverage checker
    gprof - profiling tool
    gdb - debugger

    These are quite standard tools, usually installed along with gcc. Memory profiling is not provided in the gcc package, which makes sense because memory allocation is done by the c library, which is not part of the compiler itself. The following tools are available for memory profiling:

    ccmalloc, dmalloc, gccchecker, mpatrol, memprof

    Some graphical shells for the debugger gdb are available; they ae called: ddd, insight, and xxgdb.

    Hope this helps...


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    Thank you for your reply Alex. I'll definately look into all of the things you mentioned.

    Any more suggestions will be appreciated. If noone is using any kind of code coverage tools, how are you turning out quality code? Or is everyone else using the tools mentioned above? Just curious.



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