Thread: Can't run compiled c-programs in linux mint

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    Can't run compiled c-programs in linux mint


    I'm having problems running a c program I made after compiling.

    What happens is this:

    $ gcc filename.c -o filename
    $ filename
    filename: command not found

    So the code compiles, and everything seems to be fine. But for some reason i can't run the program afterwards. I guess there's some sort of package i haven't installed, but I can't figure out which. Can anyone help me?
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    you need to call a program with the directory it is in. In your example you would have to type
    if the program is located in a subdirectory you can do
    and so on.

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    Ah, thanks. That explains it. I'm used to work on computers where this is not necessary, as long as I'm in the correct foldet.

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    Question Having a similar problem

    I'm in the correct directory so I'm not sure what the problem is...

    I'm using a linux virtual machine, and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, maybe theres some set-up I have failed to do, but down to business.

    I am able to compile the program, price.c, and the computer makes "price". If I try to run the program by typing "price" into the terminal I get the error

    No command 'price' found, did you mean:
    Command 'prime' from package 'prime' (universe)
    price: command not found

    The weird thing is that the program has worked before on other linux machines. Really confused.

    Thank you.

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    So, did you read the thread you brought back from the dead and posted in? Generally in linux, . is not in your path. You need to explicitly say ./price, not just price.

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    Seriously, tabstop. What the hell, right?

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    Right my bad guys. Thanks for the help.

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    On some systems, "." might be included in the path, "." being your present working directory.

    You can append it to your current search path by using

    export PATH=$PATH:.
    And insert it into your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc file
    .bash_profile vs .bashrc

    Next time you log in, the new PATH will be used.

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