Thread: GUI dev language: GTK+ || SDL?

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    GUI dev language: GTK+ || SDL?

    I am looking to expand from console to graphical applications programming on Linux. I understand that SDL is commonly used for games, and GTK+ is commonly used for desktop apps, but it seems SDL can do most of (if not all) the same stuff as GTK+.

    Would it be worthwhile to learn both? I would like to eventually get into games programming (still on Linux), so I figure I will have to learn SDL anyways. Should I just skip the GTK+?

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    You can do it all in SDL yes, problem is you have to write everything from scratch, including managing/sourcing/drawing yourself, all the GUI elements like button images and everything else, also fonts are not natively supported though there are libraries available, the best available being SDL ttf_font but it still does not provide the same text features as GTK will 'out of the box', you will have to create all that yourself. Which is not as hard as it may sound, its just work,
    second difference with GTK is that you will probably have murder getting up to speed as it is a different way of programming than you will be familiar with
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