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    Maximum FD Number

    Hello all,

    Just some simple questions to verify I'm right in my expectations:
    I believe that whenever a file descriptor is opened it uses the lowest available file descriptor number, is that correct? If so, am I right in thinking I can get the maximum file descriptor number the program can ever get can be retrieved by calling getrlimit with RLIMIT_NOFILE? Because if you open exactly that many files (you can't open more), the maximum number would be RLIMIT_NOFILE.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance

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    That's what the manual says
    This is a number one greater than the maximum value that the system may assign to a newly-created descriptor. If this limit is exceeded, functions that allocate a file descriptor shall fail with errno set to [EMFILE]. This limit constrains the number of file descriptors that a process may allocate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    That's what the manual says
    Ahh that wasn't in the {g,s}etrlimit manual ;-). Thanks!

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